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Koumyou's normal avatar is dressed as a cleric character from "Legends of Lore."

[What can you do with a man
When his mind should be clear
But he dresses up in a monk's robe
And lets the world pass him by?]

| SECURITY LEVEL: Public, standard virus protection.

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| CANON: Saiyuki, Saiyuki Ibun
| NAME: "Koumyou Sanzo" is his Buddhist title. His real name is "Houmei."
| AGE: He was around 50 at the time of his "death," and he's been in stasis for about 10 years.
| APPEARANCE: Since the current Koumyou is nothing more than a virtual projection, he can easily change his appearance. However, he prefers to look as he did before his "death." For a man of his age, Koumyou carries his years gracefully. Grey hairs are just beginning to outnumber blonde in his long plait of hair and smiling has etched lines around his mouth, but he still gives off an impression of youthfulness. He was once very athletic, and it shows in his movements. As a projection, he normally wears a long, shapeless monk's robe of undyed cloth paired with a standard heatsuit - fans of the "Legends of Lore" online game will recognize it as the Level 1 Cleric's starting costume. When he wears more modern clothing he looks surprisingly sharp, except for his perpetually sleepy expression. The extremely rare occasions when Koumyou does open his eyes fully often signify an event of great importance. There is a small red dot on his forehead that identifies him as a Sanzo priest and one of the guardians of the Heaven & Earth sutras.